Add conditionally running handler for CUP_fnc_RPG7_Zero
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We run the CUP weapons mod, but don't use this weapon, however, the following client thread runs on all clients
[["CUP_fnc_RPG7_Zero","\CUP\Weapons\CUP_Weapons_RPG7\functions\CUP_RPG7_Zero.sqf [CUP_fnc_RPG7_Zero]",true,7]

Location @CUP_Weapons\Addons\CUP_Weapons_RPG7\CUP\Weapons\CUP_Weapons_RPG7\functions\CUP_RPG7_Zero.sqf

if (!hasInterface) exitWith {};

_zero = 0;
while {true} do {

sleep 0.1;
if (currentWeapon player != "CUP_launch_RPG7V") then {
    sleep 2;
} else {
    if (_zero != currentZeroing player) then {
        _zero = currentZeroing player;
        player addSecondaryWeaponItem format ["CUP_acc_rpg7_zero_%1", _zero];


It would be good if there was an option somewhere to disable this


Affected classnames
DB created this task.Oct 22 2017, 2:04 PM