Hellfire Missiles - K & L
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Hellfire missile version K
*Used 2 helis, Apache and Cobra
*Used a MQ-12 Falcon to Lase x2 T-100s
*In order to get the AGM-114 K version to track and fire correctly I had to lase the target w/the drone, then from within the cockpit of the apache/cobra I used the crosshairs from the HUD and right clicked on the laser box on the HUD(using my mouse to free look and center), it then gives me the vanilla box/triangle lock after a few seconds and I can fire.

-This method is entirely different from other weapon systems such as the DAGR and Scalpel, in which all you need to do is to put the target on the HUD and click your target key for it to find a lock (I believe right mouse click is LOCK target, where every other weapon system uses NEXT TARGEt). The extra step of having to line up the HUD crosshairs onto the lase is unnecessary, it should work by simply clicking TAB if you have the lase and target in your HUD.

Hellfire missile version L
*Apache with RADAR turned on. My targets were moving, warm, only 1km away. It targets sometimes but it's really finicky. The T100s were not firing smoke in open terrain (no cover) and I could get a lock sometimes but then it would fade out of use for several minutes, didn't make any sense.

For a comparison the DAGRs/scalpels have 0 problems, quickly targeting and hitting their mark.

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Further investigation....I discovered if you arm the Wildcat with the K variant of the Hellfire it locks onto a lase as it should work. Have a lase ready, put the lase in the general area of the HUD (as opposed to right on the crosshairs), and then push "Next Target" (or tab) and it will pick up the lase.

Does the laser target pop up on the RWR/Radar?