AI OPFOR shooter, in lightly armored vehicles. Misunderstand the threat.
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A vivid example is a car with ATGM, the shooter does not shoot at hostile targets that appeared in sight.
Gunner BMP, BPDM ...... often shoot at the driver or in the body of a lightly armored car, but not in the shooter, lose time and die.

Lex__1 created this task.Oct 24 2017, 10:44 AM

Gunner BMP, BPDM ...... often shoot at the driver or in the body of a lightly armored car, but not in the shooter, lose time and die.

What does this mean? The AI shoots at the vehicle period, it doesn't aim at specific components, it never has.

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Sometimes the BTR OPFOR shooter incorrectly prioritizes, aims and shoots the driver, and only after killing the driver starts shooting at the arrow. But often
does not have time to kill the shooter, since he is dying.
This is when the enemy, the machine Hamer (or similar) with a machine gun or a grenade launcher.

The AI does not prioritize any occupant, it has never done that, not even in vanilla Arma. It just shoots at the vehicle until the occupants are dead or the vehicle is destroyed.
Also, the AI will most likely never use ATGMs to kill infantry, this is how the game behaves, and its undesirable to change that.

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The fact is that this is a collision of only armored and lightly armored vehicles. This problem is not on the side of BLUFOR.
Hammer BLUFOR with TOW shoot at any hostile vehicle.
Machines BLUFOR with towers, use in battle the entire arsenal of machine guns / missiles (if any) \ rounds of antipersonnel and anti-tank (if any). It all depends on what threat they face.
But armored and lightly armored vehicles OPOP
Do not always apply the entire arsenal of tower weapons, do not always correctly assess the threat. In some cases, they can fire a machine gun in the tank and not switch the barrel to other equipment or use missiles.
In this video, a small part, of what happens in the collision and behavior of OPFOR against BLUFOR.

Is this just with CUP or other mods?

Anyway you keep repeating that the AI does some sort of prioritization on who to shoot in an enemy vehicle, but i tell you once again that is not how the game works, there's no such thing. The AI just shoots at the center of the vehicle, regardless of what's in their path.

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This is only CUP + CBA_A3

Ok, after some brief testing it seems there's an issue with opfor atgms indeed.

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