AI seeing through low grass in Chernarus
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The AI can see through the low grass on Chernarus. Tested by monitoring several AI in spectator mode in several places, spotting and shooting targets with no clear line of sight due to low grass. Seems like this problem:

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From Oukej on Reddit:

New-ish - rather fixed - since
The layer is an approximation. Meaning AI's vision won't be blocked by one leaf that's higher than the rest of the clutter and conversely where player can utilize small gaps between the leaves the AI can't. Also changes in clutter (flatting it by rolling) are ignored. But yes, a fully opaque clutter that's higher than AI character's eyes will eventually block its vision completely :) That is also why (not only) for Tanoa the AIAvoidStance property in cfgSurfaces was introduced. More info in