M1152 ECV Humvee Seats / Texture
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Passenger seats 3 & 4 place you floating above the roof.

Additionally the woodland texture has what appear to be doors on the roof as seen here:



Affected classnames
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I cannot reproduce the first point.

For the second point (texture issue) it may be caused by a wrong texture size : 1024x1024 instead of 2048x2048.

@Alwarren Can you check that ?
It would be

  • "hmmwv_body_canvas_1_wl_co.paa"
  • "hmmwv_hood_canvas_wl_co.paa"
  • "hmmwv_regular_wl_1_co.paa"

being smaller in size than their desert counterpart.
Apparently, in Richard's sources these files are 2048x2048 but I see you modified the texture.

Also, "hmmwv_gpk_tower_wl_co.paa" is very different from "hmmwv_gpk_tower_co.paa".

Some screenshots :

Affected classes :

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Additionally some interior textures are also stretched and some windows have been replaced with camo

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I think I was wrong when I said it is an issue with the size of the texture.

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It's a texture mapping issue only visible on the Woodland texture because the woodland texture is different from the other ones on the upper left corner (hmmwv_regular_wl_1_co.paa).

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seems like the woodland variant is the only one that shits itself, can't see anything out of the ordinary other than texture size (woodland is 1k x 1k, OD/DES is 2k x 2k), i'll leave the honor to alwarren to fix this

The 2k woodland textures of the normal HMMWV's are combinations. I'll remap the up-armored version to these... or maybe remodel them, decision pending...

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