AI AT/ATGM problems
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Hey CUP team, two issues I noticed with latest CUP and CBA.
AI Hinds can't use their ATGM. In the vid I uploaded the Hind is armed with only Ataka and Shturm, radar on and full unit skill. If I set the pilot as playable and I'm taking control Shturm works very well, but Ataka acts like an unguided missile.

In the next two videos I noticed BMP2, BRDM2 ATGM and BTR-90 aren't using their AT on different armored targets. BTR-90 also seemed to use it's 30mm cannon a bit random.

Krycek created this task.Nov 14 2017, 4:17 PM

Update with more choppers and jets, test conditions: cannon ammo removed not to ruin the test, full unit skill for both pilot and gunner, emission control active for all units.

Ka-50 and Ka-52 won't use their AT guided missiles, for Ka-52 switching weapons control to either pilot or gunner has the same result. Also not in video but I want to mention the Ka-50 pilot won't use his S8 missiles while the Ka-52 pilot will use them.

Ka-60 Kasatka gunner won't use the guided or unguided missiles. Switching weapon control to the pilot he will use the unguided ones, but not the guided AT. Not in video but I also tested the MH-60 DAP and it's using both the unguided and guided missiles.

Hind won't use the guided missiles (pilot or gunner weapon control). Not in video, but interestingly the pilot won't use the S8 or S5 missiles while switching the unguided missiles to the gunner will make the Hind use them.

UH-1Y Venom Gunship, a bit farther from the targets will use it's Hydra missiles but fires them God knows where, moving the chopper a bit closer and it will engage the BTR-90 but not returning for a second attack run on the T-90(stays there like a sitting duck).

Su-25 seems to use BI munitions but can't use Sharur on the APC. Su-34 can't use it's KH-29L missiles or the BI Sharur.

Harrier, A-10 and F-35 have the same issues with their AGM 65 and AGM 114K:

I didn't had enough time to test the jets if they work in dogfighting but the Su-34 and F-35 seems to use their AA missiles just fine.