Suggestion: Reload animation fix for L115A3 LRR AWM
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The practicality of using the L115A3 is affected because of the instant reload animation, in other words, after firing, you don't see where the bullet is hitting, unless you are on the last round from the mag, so it is difficult to correct on the second shot.

There are 2 solutions for this issue:

  1. The most user friendly would be to -Hold off the reload animation until holding breath. - because it does not need a custom key bind, nor the modification of existing content. This would allow users to spot the bullet impact on first shots, yet still be able to rapid fire if needed.
  1. Add single shot ammunition. - It makes sense, this way you see the bullet impact, but this requires a separate animation. (in comparison to the 5 round box mag reload anim.)

-Until this issue is fixed, I recommend, that players carry a couple of 5 round mags, that they previously empty of all but one bullet. This way you see the impact of the shot, and can correct appropriately

Thank you for your help! - This will make an awesome rifle more user friendly!