LAV-25 M240 Variants' M240's are operable while turned in
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When operating the gunner seat of either of the LAV 25 M240 variants the M240 acts like a remote weapon system with optics that you can use from inside the vehicle to control and fire the gun, whereas visually it's just a gun on a stick that swivels when you push it.


Affected classnames
CUP_B_LAV25M240_desert_USMC, CUP_B_LAV25M240_USMC
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I swore I saw this issue before, so I did some searching and it turns out a duplicate of this, T3034, was closed as Wontfix by Chairborne (coincidentally it was closed 364 days before this tasked was first triaged, kinda neat.) He stated that there was an engine issue that caused the commander's periscope to break if the gun was disabled.