Check hitpoint protection on vests
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All vests use the headers hitpoints_vestlight/none/med/heavy, but it would be good to differentiate a bit. For example, if the vest has arm protection, it should also protect the arms. OTOH, all vests protect the crotch area, even on those where the ballsack swings "al fresco" style.

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I will add files for Pelvis protection and remove pelvis protection from default files.

Here is what I did so far :

  • A few tweaks to armor level on vest and headears
  • removed pelvis hitpoint from hitpoints_vestheavy,hitpoints_vestheavyarms.h and hitpoints_vestmid
  • added hitpoints_vestheavypelvis.h
  • added hitpoints_vestheavypelvisarms.h
  • renamed hitpoints_vestarmsheavy.h to hitpoints_vestheavyarms.h
  • added descriptionShort to all vests and headgears. These texts are BI strings indicating armor level.

Commit to follow

CUP uses 3 levels of armor for both vests and headears when BI uses 4 levels labelled I,II,III,IV.
CUP light = BI I
CUP mid = BI II
CUP heavy = BI IV
If we want to do a deeper overhaul we should maybe switch to BI standards.
But this is not urgent as CUP and BI values are mostly identical and the current CUP system is functional.

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