Issue with vehicle handling on Takistan
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So I've found that some vehicles back ends slide out on Takistan, only ones with higher acceleration. What I've done is get 4 videos together. I have one each for Altis, Chernarus, CUP Takistan and a ported a2 Takistan.

CUP Taki:
Port Taki:

To reproduce this issue on Takistan simply spawn in a Hatchback Sport and use the shift key while accelerating. You will see the difference to the other maps almost immediately. This bug also affects modded vehicles, usually more so since a lot have higher acceleration.


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RogueAu created this task.Feb 28 2018, 3:29 PM
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alright, can confirm the issue is present on version r315 of the CUP Terrains Dev Build with the hatchback (sport). I have tried it with multiple other vehicles both vanilla and CUP and all others didn't do it at all or if they did it was almost unnoticeable. I've also noted it only happens while on roads, including runways, and is immediately gone once offroad which leads me to believe, with the very limited knowledge about modding I have, that something with the roads specifically is broken.

Pennyworth added a commit: Restricted Diffusion Commit.Mar 20 2018, 10:57 PM

No matter what vehicle you're in, if you go at high speeds the vehicle's turning is dramatically less responsive than on other terrains.

Could we get an update on this? Been using some modded vehicles on Takistan and their handling is severely impacted by this bug. Must be using the same physics as the Hatchback Sport.

Please no bumping of issues. It will be fixed when it's done.

iirc this has already been fixed on dev branch, I remember someone working on it and putting a commit through for it.

Yeah Pennyworth commited a fix in rTERRAINSVN406

Sorry didn’t realise I couldn’t bump just a frustrating issue since we can’t really use any vehicles with higher acceleration on Taki. When do you think the mod may be updated? Would be cool to see if Pennyworths fix works (assuming it hasn’t been tested already).

I dont mean to be a pain in the ass but does anyone know when this might be put in? been over a month since the apparent fix but still not in

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Please no bumping of issues. It will be fixed when it's done.

@RogueAu Last warning. No bumping and it is done when it is done.

In the meantime you could have checked out the dev branch and tested if the commit by Penny rTERRAINSSVN406 fixed the bug for you. THAT would actually be helpful and COULD accelerate the deplyment of this fix.

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