KA-52 weapon issues
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Tested in Beta CUP nov 9th 2018
KA52 player pilot is unable to switch his gunner to the cannon via the switch weapon keyboard command
When in the gunner seat you can manually switch to cannon using the action menu. (scroll wheel) when you want to switch back to missiles the command shows up as "switch to flir"
Pilot cannot switch the gunner to cannon by any means.

Ka-52 lacks laser desg for the gunner

Ka-52 lacks cockpit armor (was killed by a nato rifleman at 500m) -Fixed


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Investigating why the cannon cannot be operated by the co-pilot

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it was moved to a third turret, there's an explanation why this was made in the commit or the config

Is it possible to order AI gunner in KA-52 to switch weapons from action menu?

not currently

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its by design

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