Buldozer Crash when placing Bridge_stone_asf2_25
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Placing Bridge_stone_asf2_25 in buldozer makes it crash. Switching it with the one from the A2 license pack, gives same result. Using the one from A2 sample models works fine.

I'm using latest CUP, extracted with extractpbo.
Someone else with same issue, see 2nd from last post > https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/216387-pboproject-binarise-crash-every-time-with-cup-objects/


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Affected classnames
Bridge_stone_asf2_25 Kamennymost_30
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Buldozer will load an unbinarized version of the object fine.

Swapped the P3D out for the binarized version taken from the "cup_terrains_ca_roads2" pbo via extract PBO and the P3D will crash buldozer. Something about the binarising process is breaking the model?

Have reports of it also crashing binarise when packing a map with PBOProj.

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@Pennyworth Is it worth just removing the RTM's from the models?

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