AČR uniforms and gear
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The newly implemented AČR faction faces some trouble:

  • Incorrectly set up brightness and contrast of both woodland and desert uniforms, gear, headgear and backpacks in relation to their real-life counterparts. Previously ported backpacks in particular appear much darker than uniforms, although they are supposed to be the exact same camouflage.
  • Shoulder flag patch on desert uniforms misaligned with underlying texture of a pocket. Real uniforms also feature colour flag instead of monochrome.
  • Desert engineer uses U.S. UCP backpack. Vanilla Assault Pack (Coyote) would be appropriate instead.
  • Pilot uniform has incorrectly aligned texture file altogether.
  • L39 jet spawns without pilots, returns error message.
  • Pandur 2 (Gorgon) APC missing.
  • AČR consists solely of caucasians due to the geographical location of Czech Republic, please edit face selection of entities to reflect this.

ACR_A3 mod (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=432400996) used for comparison in the screenshots. It features correct contrast and brightness as well as loadouts. I believe the authors would be willing to share some assets, such as the Pandur 2 APC, L159 jet and certain other gear with CUP, as the authors have cooperated with CUP to some extent.

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L39 jet spawns without pilots, returns error message.

This part seem to be fixed