Chinook and stallion, capacity decreased?
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As an exile player, i use these two helicopters to transport a lot of items as they hold huge amounts of storage. But recently their capacity has been lowered from 250k to 25k as if a zero has been misplaced.

The best guess i have for when this happened is around march maybe?

I've been told if the capacity has been lowered recently is wasn't on purpose by the nice guys on discord, so i'd like to bring this to your attention if you don't know already.

If this can be resolved i would be very appreciative!


Affected classnames
Ch-47F and CH53 Super Stallion
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Actually since october 2017 the capacity for both is 2500 (was 3000 before) and it was not changed since than.
I presume that your exile addons are messing with CUP and override our config.

Load CUP without your exile addons and I am sure the values are back at our default ones.