House type changes when taking damage (Land_HouseV2_02)
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Land_HouseV2_02 - "House V2 02 (W/o Interior, Two Floors, Red Brick)"

When taking damage, it changes from a red brick house to a green house that's a different size.
To reproduce, place down the house, and do z setDamage 0.95 or shoot a rocket at it.

Problem seems to be inheritance of replaceDamaged config from it's parent Land_HouseV2_01A (the green house)

Land_HouseV2_01A: House { replaceDamaged = "Land_HouseV2_01A_dam";
Land_HouseV2_02: Land_HouseV2_01A { // does not redefine

Looking in ca\structures\House\HouseV2 I don't see a _dam.p3d for v2_02, not sure if one exists


Affected classnames