Request for a silencer for the CUP_srifle_CZ550
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Hi All.

I am a small Twitch streamer I mainly stream Arma 3 Exile Tanoa on MGT, and I mainly only use the CUP_srifle_CZ550 and the Exile_Weapon_CZ550 srifle_CZ550_shit_1 srifle_CZ550_shit_2 with a Nightstalker scope.
But it ain't silent so people find me easy and I get rekt a lot because of the sound I make.
Plz can anyone here make a silencer that fits on the CUP_srifle_CZ550, Exile_Weapon_CZ550, srifle_CZ550_shit_1, srifle_CZ550_shit_2,
This will make me very Happy and the Plastic rifle guys will have a harder job to find me :).
I have used the VSS for a long time but the range and accuracy just ain't there and the stopping power of the CZ550 is just perfect :).

All Ready Thx

WillyMatGlas aka Tjerk


Affected classnames
CUP_srifle_CZ550, Exile_Weapon_CZ550, srifle_CZ550_shit_1, srifle_CZ550_shit_2,
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Have you perhaps tried getting good?

Hi Eogos.

Thx for your comment helps a lot :)

Grz WillyMatGlas

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We don't allow bumping in our tracker.
Consider this your first warning.

But to be fair: There is no silencer for CZ550 in real life as the rifle is not produced with a matching threading. There exist some images but these are mostly mockups or "hacks". For that reason I close this ticket as invalid.