Winter Chernarus Issues
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My group has used the newish Winter Chernarus map a few times now and we've discovered a few issues that should probably be addressed.

  1. [Fixed] Lots of FPS loss when near or looking at buildings, loss of FPS increases based on number of buildings you're around/viewing. I'm guessing it has something to do with whatever was done to remove the rain sound effect from the buildings.
  1. Speaking of the removed rain sound effect, it only applies to the buildings on the map already. Anything placed via 3den editor or Zeus including vehicles, buildings, etc. will still retain the rain effect. If possible maybe find a way to remove the sound effect via some kind of event handler on the map as a whole instead of specifically on the buildings or however it was done? Might fix both this and the previous issue.
  1. [Fixed] I mentioned this on in the discord a while back but never made a ticket for it, the snow image has fucked up transparency so it appears as a black png with a snowflake on it.

  1. [Fixed] In some areas, one specific spot I can remember off the top of my head is near the shore in Chernogorsk, when you walk on the terrain the white snow effect on the ground will disappear in a radius around the player. The issue is client side as you only see it disappear around you and not others.
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In addition to issue 2, foot falls still sound they're on a rain soaked surface rather than snow covered, so walking everywhere sounds like a muddy field.