PSO ACE3 compatibility
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CUP_optic_PSO_1, CUP_optic_PSO_3, not have ace compatibility


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CUP_optic_PSO_1, CUP_optic_PSO_3
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PSO scopes haven't got windage turrets in MIL ?

A good compromise for this scopes' family is here (from Ruthberg) :

By this way, you will have proper values for military PSOs and you can keep your actual "discreteDistance" values,
(should be an increment "100" between 100 and 300 meters according with the military manual).

The "ace_scopeHeightAboveRail" values for the PSO-1 and 3 can be found here (from Dedmen) :

But honestly, this sort of reticle properly calibrated and working correctly with all ballistics (vanilla, ace3 and AB) isn't something easy to do
and there are many variants of them.

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