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The new LCAC has an unintentional "feature" of being able to have vehicle driven up onto it without any attaching and just driving off with them. However this has several bugs that can pop up and has only been tried in Single Player at this moment. I'll be trying it in MP tomorrow hopefully but I'm assuming it won't go well.

Here is a video showing off the LCAC doing this (and some of the bugs associated with doing this that can pop up):

Note the first time I tried it (off video of course) it worked perfectly without the bugs shown in that video so it seems to be random on how it performs.

Obviously those bugs plus the fact that it probably won't work in MP means that it's just not a good idea to try it in actual missions in it's current state however I don't think this idea should be completely thrown out the window as it is pretty cool to drive vehicles on and off a landing craft instead of having them just teleport out. What I propose is setting it up with a system similar to the FFAA Spanish Army Mod LCM which allows you to drive as many vehicles up onto it as long as there is room and attach them to the LCM where you parked them. You can still "unload" them which teleports them back to land if you don't want to drive them off but you can also just unattach them and drive off which is pretty cool in my personal opinion.

Video of the FFAA LCM for example (and also a bit of an example of why enhanced movement is a mod everyone should have :^) ) :

Once I've done some testing in MP I'll post a video of us attempting to use it in this same ticket.

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