US Chinook Helicopters - AI Perpetual Climb Bug
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Hi Folks,

Just a heads up on the Chinook flight models - AI Pilot - set distant move waypoint - helicopter performs indefinite climb - ignores all attempt to set flyin height...

Thanks for all you do.,,


Are you using ACE?

Hi - I may have had it loaded - - - I’ll test again without it if you think that may be the issue...

Thanks for the response...


Reason why I ask is that there had been such a problem before with the FRIES in ACE.
I'll try to check it myself tonight.

Hi Al,

I had noticed the problem in a RHS and BAF assets before - reported same to respective mod and they found and fixed it the issue... It seemed many of the helicopter flight models may have been created from the same source... I do a bunch of scripting with AI helicopters - so it’s really easy to test for me...

Again - thanks for the interest... I won’t be home until the weekend to do additional testing...


I reported a similar thing to RHS too. IIRC it was linked with inhertance from a vanilla helicopter.