Water texture for ponds throws lots of errors, effects MP performance
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Happens on all pond water equipped maps.
22:47:17 Warn: Shape '???' contains water texture however it does not carry a property "class=pond". Consider creating one to speed up the detection!

This will go off about 10 times in a second.

was able to test this draining perf in a 10 player MP game.

I used zues to spawn in 10 amphibious vehs i place them on land and then in the water. when placed in water they drop FPS by a large amount. when on land they cause no FPS drop.
our workaround has been to fill in all the ponds with concrete blocks so no one can go in them.


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I checked all ponds and all used have the class=pond property. According to the twitter post above, this is an engine problem.

Which terrain did you tested this on?

Cherno but not the summer just regular cherno

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