Mi-24 Superhind
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Mi-24 Superhind, when retract landing gear, the physical bottom of the gunship extends below where the landing gears were before retracting them.

(Fly at 1-3m with gear down, no issue, but with gear up, invisible clipping occurs)

can't reproduce this bug, do you have a video?

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**EDIT** Ok i missunderstood described issue and wrote different issue - it was similar to me, anyway thanks Chairborne for clarifying it

Can confirm this, happened multiple times to me. Dont know exact procedure to reproduce it, but many times i found my hind 2 meters in the air when i came back to it. When i sit back into pilot / gunner seat, heli is back on the ground without falling sound or getting damage.

ah i know what you mean, that's a known engine issue, nothing we can do about it, it happens with the vanilla ka60 too although to a lesser extent.
it's a locality issue, if the vehicle is local to you it will be set on the ground correctly, if its local to some other player or the server it will be floating above ground.

also i think OP's issue is different, but i still cannot replicate it anyway

It was on the OFPS CTI Server if that makes any different @Chairborne -- I don't play anywhere else ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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after reading the OP again i understood the problem and can confirm it has been fixed yesterday, something in the superhind geometries was broken but they have been fixed.