New weapons are not used
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New weapons are added, but units don't have them. Also they are not added to the vehicle cargo.
List of new weapons:

  • M4A1 (New carryhandle variants) rWEAPONSSVN643
  • HK416 and HK417 rWEAPONSSVN650
  • mk 18 Mod 1 and VLTOR M4 SBR rWEAPONSSVN652
  • MP5A5 Flashlight rWEAPONSSVN661
  • G36 woodland variants rWEAPONSSVN712
  • CZ584 rWEAPONSSVN1019
  • Groza rWEAPONSSVN1023
  • Mosin–Nagant rWEAPONSSVN1308


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I added german MG3 machinegunner

use of correct AK mags
use of correct RPK variants
Bundeswher grenadier G36GL

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Can we expect SOF soldiers using SCAR-L(stand for Mk17 mounting 5.56 conversion kit )?

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Maybe the takistani units could use some other variants of the FALs. What do you think ?
SF and officer could still use the current short paratrooper FAL and unranked soldier use a longer barrel or the wooden variant or even the ramot (not if this last one is compatible with the lore).

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