Feature request: FN MAG variant of M240
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As a cold war theme lover, I want to see a non-railed, bio-safe-buttstock equipped FN MAG machine gun. It is widely used machine gun served for years across europe armies and the veteran of many conflicts around the world before RIS became a standard. Nowadays non-RIS versions are still in charge.


(by priority):

  1. M240 without RIS and with wooden buttstock (let's call it FN MAG, basically exactly the same model as CUP has, but with new texture, without RIS & optics attachements)
  2. M240 without RIS and with plastic buttstock (basically exactly the same model as CUP has, but without RIS and optics attachements)
  3. M240 with RIS and with wooden buttstock (because they exists for some reason)
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Very low priority at the moment. Might change in the future, but no promises.

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Added CUP_lmg_FNMAG (wooden stock, flat top cover), CUP_lmg_FNMAG_RIS (wooden stock, top cover w. RIS), CUP_lmg_L7A2_Flat (plastic stock, flat top cover).