Dingo 2: Not realistic all-round .50cal protected hull and indestructable engine
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CUP's Dingo 2 has overwhelming armor package!

  • Full protection from small firearms
  • Full protection from .50cal HMGs
  • Massive protection from direct 105mm HE rounds

But grenades from AGS-17/MK-19 cause some damage.
Engine/Fuel systems are sort of invincible, as can survive 5 30mm AP rounds without any damage to Engine

State after:

State after x5 30mm AP burst:

According to internets:

Dingo 2 is protected against small arms and artillery shrapnel. Protection against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines is also provided.


Its innovative safety concept offers its passengers the highest possible protection against anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, IEDs, small arms and fragments from artillery and mortar ammunition.

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While you are correct in that the engine and fuel don't appear to take damage, it definitely doesn't have full protection against .50 cal. Just tested it with both vehicle and static 50s with AI crew inside, they died after only a couple shots. Windows and windshield also broke pretty quickly, turret was destroyed pretty much instantly, and the wheels came off like normal.

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