Dingo 2: Not realistic all-round .50cal protected hull and indestructable engine
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CUP's Dingo 2 has overwhelming armor package!

  • Full protection from small firearms
  • Full protection from .50cal HMGs
  • Massive protection from direct 105mm HE rounds

But grenades from AGS-17/MK-19 cause some damage.
Engine/Fuel systems are sort of invincible, as can survive 5 30mm AP rounds without any damage to Engine

State after:

State after x5 30mm AP burst:

According to internets:

Dingo 2 is protected against small arms and artillery shrapnel. Protection against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines is also provided.


Its innovative safety concept offers its passengers the highest possible protection against anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, IEDs, small arms and fragments from artillery and mortar ammunition.

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