Weapon namings are differ from IRL and Arma3 style
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  1. FN FAL and FN Minimi are listed with manufactorer, but other guns are not. Maybe it should be just "FAL" and "Minimi" with additional model label (e.g. "FAL 50.61", "Minimi Para")
  1. "G36 A", "G36 K", "G36 C" instead of "G36A", "G36K", "G36C" (as used at HK home page https://www.heckler-koch.com/en/products/military/assault-rifles/g36/g36/overview.html)
  1. Fail to find G36A label somewhere except Arma/DayZ wiki. HK home page has "G36" and wiki says about "A1" variant for AG36 compatibility and A2 variant with RIS. So I guess CUP's one should be "G36" or "G36A1"
  1. UGL versions are labeled differently:
    • "G36 GL" instead of "G36 AG36" or "G36A1 AG36" (like M4 M203 and AK GP-25)
    • "XM8 Carbine + M320" instead of "XM8 M320" or "XM8 Carbine M320" (also wiki says XM8 used XM320 UGL)
    • "L85A2 UGL" instead of "L85A2 L123A2" (BAF name) or "L85A2 AG36" (actual)
    • "Sa-58 RIS2 GL" instead of "Sa-58 RIS2 G1" (as model has same UGL as BREN)
  1. Paint/rail labels sometimes in lowercase, but vanilla A3 and most of CUP's guns labels start with capital:
    • AK-74M (woodland)
    • CZ 550 (picatinny rail) -- maybe this should be RIS or Railed
    • FN FAL (railed)
    • G36 GL (desert)
    • G36 GL (woodland)
    • G36A (desert), same for "C" and "K"
    • G36A (woodland), same for "C" and "K"
    • Lee Enfield (picatinny rail) -- maybe this should be RIS or Railed
    • M24 Desert -- not "(Desert)"
    • M4A1 (Carry handle)(desert) and (woodland) -- same for M4A1, M4A1 M203, M4A3 + some need space before "("
    • M60E4 (rail)
    • MG3 (rail)
    • MG36 (desert) and (woodland)
    • SVD Dragunov (desert) -- by the way - "SVD Dragunov" is like saying "in my IMHO opinion" :3
    • XM8 Carbine (rail)
    • XM8 Compact (rail)
  1. SCARs named as "Mk16" and "Mk17" (no whitespace), but other US weapons are named with it - "Mk 12", "Mk 48", etc. Should be the same "Mk XX" format


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