Sight of CROWS on M1A2 TUSK need tweak.
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The sight mentioned in title is directly come from M1A1.

Maybe we can replace the reticle with the one from Stryker M1126 ICV M2 CROWS.

update 1:
Here's the sight overlay of RWS from CUP HMMWV CROWS M2, which is similar to the real life one.

Image from wikipedia, saying "Interior control station for M151 Protector Remote Weapon Station in Stryker ICV"

But for what reason...?

Reasons are:

  1. Currently on CUP M1A2 TUSK, CROWS is using the reticle from M1A1's GWS(Commander's Weapon Station).

  1. CROWS and GWS are totally different weapon stations,the latter is also missing the LRF and FCS function. M1A2 is not utilizing GWS at all, so for the A2 series that not equip with remote weapon station, it's impossible to fire M2HB within the turret.
  2. In ARMA 2 OA and ACE2 mod,remote weaopn stations on Abrams, Stryker and HMMWV are using the same reticle in their sight, as in my 2nd pic.

I will provide more info later.

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Your second pic is just the generic target from vanilla for the M-ATV with some small overlay changes. In fact it's a mixture of the M-ATV HMG's target reticle mixed with the Merkava's HUD. I don't see the point in ditching the current one for that.


it's impossible to fire M2HB within the turret.

No? You can use it just fine.

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1st post(Description) updated.

Judging from the low-quality BI models, remote control stations on M1A2 TUSK, Stryker and HMMWV are the same one, the M151 Protector, not CROWS.

Reticle of M151 should be like this, similar to the current one(see Description part above) used on the CUP HMMWV CROWS M2.

Regarding the "M2HB on M1A2s(no remote control station versions) can only be fired when TC unbuttoned", I found some words on Steel Beasts wiki: "On the M1A1, the M2HB is remotely fired from the inside of the vehicle, but on the M1A2 it is fired while unbuttoned."

I also read similar info somewhere may years ago.