M4A1, M4A3, HK416, and HK417 rear sights have incorrect adjustability.
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PIP sight should be adjustable from 200 to 800m.
It should have an animation that raises the sight and it's base up/down, as well as moving the lever to the correct number.

Rear sight is a two position flip sight that should adjust between 300 and 500m.
It should have an animation to change between apertures, but that's secondary to sight fuction.

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Flip sights can be done using CBA Accessory entries, example: https://github.com/toadie2k/NIArms/blob/0fc72c43bb57e967ef6adfe7145facbe031298fc/hlc_core/cfg_acc_sidemount.hpp#L46-L48 (can't find example specific for optics, but it's the same thing).

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Fixed for HK416, HK417, M27, M4 VLTOR, Mk18.
Model changed for M4 flat top versions to KAC 300m back up rear sight.