Ground clutter/grass and ground textures mixed up on Takistan.
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In rebuilding Takistan from the source files, a variety of ground textures, grasses, and a few objects were mixed up. It seems that the wild grass and the field grasses have basically traded places entirely, hold for along roadsides where the grass is correct. Also many occurrences of field grass randomly found in desert/hills in very large patches. Chernarus rock walls in place of the correct Takistan ones. Some areas that should have grass only have stone as would be found in the mountains. Some areas have a weird combination of city ground, mountain rock, and a bright grey gravel that doesn't look like it belongs on Takistan at all.

Also a general observation, the "wild grasses" have excessively dark textures that kind of mess with how they blend with everything else and could probably be solved by brightening the diffuse maps a bit, though thats a bit off topic here.

Imgur album showing the issues. ran game with only CUP mods for the results.

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