5.56 mags has different sizes
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Most of 5.56 mags are differ in sizes, even if named STANAG, and smaller than vanilla mags.

Mk 16's magazine is closest to vanilla mag (by width and thickness) so maybe it can be used as reference

Can't find photos where mags are different in sizes (only curvature), so i guess, it should be standardized for all 5.56 mags (WxLxT for all 30rnd mags and WxT for other 5.56mags)


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I think the mags are scaled to the guns/mag port so it might require more than just adjusting the magazine, might require the weapon model to be adjusted, not sure how likely that is.

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5.56 mags resized to similar size.

Problem: Now the magazines are too large, and they clip through many of the AR15s a significant amount of the time