Add visible lasers in ACE compat
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Accroding to the following article, visible red aim laser is an avaible mode in PEQ-15.

Relate ACE wiki:

ModeVisible laser
LLM Mk.3Green
M3X/M6X pistolRed

Apply to:

  • AN/PEQ-15
  • AN/PEQ-15 (Top mount)
  • AN/PEQ-15 / Flaslight combo (side 2 side mount)
  • AN/PEQ-15 / Flaslight combo (cross mount)
  • LLM-01
  • LLM Mk.3
  • M3X (Pistol laser) (?)
  • Glock pistol flashlight/laser (?)


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Just set ACE_laserpointer entry in CfgWeapons class of your side attachment
ACE_laserpointer = 1; red visible laser
ACE_laserpointer = 2;
green visible laser

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@jonpas suggested to use BWA approach like here:

In west_attachements:

  • Define VIS laser, using direct VIS laser properties definition, but with scope=0, with MRT switch option to/from IR/Flashlight
  • IR and Flashlight MRT switch cycled on each other

In ace_compat:

  • Unscope VIS laser
  • Redefine MRT switch options of IR/Flashlight items
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