Wrong Roads on Fallujah Map
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I know Fallujah is not exactly a CUP map, but the last CUP Terrains update (released Dec 21) created a major issue. Now we actually have additional roads added around the Resafa area, which go through buildings and other map objects, and even the river! I just verified that the AI see these as valid roads and attempt to use them, which ends up being catastrophic as you can imagine.

Please advise whether this is a known issue and will be fixed, or if not, whether a fix can be made. I don't understand how a map can acquire new roads without being specifically edited. Is it because it inherits from Utes?

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Is it because it inherits from Utes?

Indeed it is because the Fallujah inherits from Utes (which in my opinion is a not the best way to create a terrain config).

This was fixed with a config patch in rTERRAINSSVN495 and is included in the (soon™ to be released) hotfix.