Error after new hotfix
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drodtm created this task.Dec 29 2018, 8:58 PM

Not here. Are you loading anything else besides CUP?

That is not how you report an issue...

  • What mods are loaded? (list ALL of them)
  • Have you verified game data via steam?
class CfgPatches
	class CUP_BaseConfigs
		units[] = {};
		weapons[] = {};
		requiredVersion = 0.1;
		requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Data_F"};

There is no CUP_BaseConfig_F

audiocustoms closed this task as Invalid.EditedDec 29 2018, 9:21 PM
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Can not be reproduced with CUP mods only. Might be an issue with other mods loaded as well. Closing as invalid