[Minor] MP5 model about 20% too small
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Images of CUP model

Images of BIS, Toadie2K's models

IRL Images

Side by Side Images compared to Toadie

20% Increase

Side by side images compared to BIS

20% Increase


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Affected classnames
cup_smg_mp5a5, cup_smg_mp5a5_flashlight, cup_smg_mp5sd6
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Looks like scale should be [X 1.15, Y 1.1, Z 1.1], but left hand clips the handguard =(

Gerddermit. Cmon, dusin, you can do it!

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MP5 models from BI is smaller than real life counterparts. I remember in ACE1 and ACE2-ACEX, they replace the vanilla MP5s with bigger and detailed ones.

Not the protector, the size is about right on it

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Guns and magazine models scaled.
+ Changed 400m rear sight hole position