[Minor] M27 default magazine choice
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Extends from debate on CUP discord.

Currently the M27 IAR uses the 100-round beta c-mag. Alwarren claimed this was because the M27 was supposed to replace the M249 (which isn't wrong from the official perspective), but IRL the US military does not use high-capacity magazines of any sort. Thus, I argue the M27 should be equipped by default with 30-round STANAGs
This is quite minor as it does not impede usage of the weapon in any way or have adverse affects IE weird textures, shadows, sounds, etc, but I felt it was worth making a ticket for future review

Video articles by former Marine and The Firearm Blog writer Miles Vining regarding the M27. 2nd video 4:30 for magazine load and 7:00 for high-cap


Reproducable without other mods?
hvymtal created this task.Jan 4 2019, 2:56 PM
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Does changing of the first mag in magazines[] brakes already created missions/factions? AFAIK it is only about Arsenal, but not sure.

hvymtal added a comment.EditedJan 6 2019, 2:27 AM

From what I remember, the first loaded magazine is part of the soldier's inventory, not the weapon itself. So it shouldn't.
I might be wrong on that. Save a mission with a dude w/ M27 and come back after you implement a test change?

Dusin added a comment.Jan 6 2019, 12:13 PM

Case tested:

  • start game with current DEV build
  • create new mission, add unit and equip it via arsenal (M27 + 3 default Beta-C mags + weapon attachements)
  • save mission
  • change M27's class config - first class in magazines[] changed to 30Rnd mag
  • start game with updated PBOs
  • load editor and load & start created mission

Result: Mission loaded, mission started, unit equipment as it were saved.

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Default magazine for M27 switched to 30Rnd EMAG