Investigate invisible objects in Takistan
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Objects placed in Takistan using the eden editor are invisible for some players. The objects are A3 vanilla objects, e.g., HBarriers and crates. Players that experience this issue collide with the objects but cannot see them. This has happened in SP and dedicated server MP. I have not been able to reproduce this issue personally. I have been investigating this based on other player feedback. Players reporting this back to me have not seen this behavior on other terrains (of the same mission), but the fact that it has only occurred in Takistan may just be a coincidence.

Mods loaded during this symptom are CUP Terrain + Core, CBA, and ACE. I understand it is preferred to troubleshoot with only CUP modes loaded, however, I cannot reproduce this issue on my own and the missions requires ACE. Other people playing this mission are reporting this symptom.

The invisible objects are created using Eden. They are vanilla H Barriers.

I have attached the mission to this ticket to aid in any investigation.

I also attached a copy of the RPT file of an effected client.


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