Conflict between Tanoa heads and some CUP uniforms
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When the player has any of those uniforms on and has a Tanoan head, the shadow of its arms will be glitched out. This was tested on dev cup.
Affected class names: Takistani Uniform Green and Mix, SLA uniforms all camo variants, Partisans uniforms all camo uniforms.


Reproducable without other mods?
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These uniform models are no longer used in CUP.
But there seems to be a real issue when tanoa faces and some new CUP uniforms are combined :

New german uniform and new BDU

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Wasn't there a recent change that removed the head from the shadow LOD and added it to the head?
At least I seem to think that was intended to happen, but if it didn't it might be that the Tanoa heads have a faulty shadow volume

Not all uniforms are affected

Definitely all the German units. I don't know how many of our other units have a head proxy in the Shadow LOD. The new German uniforms have them, if this is true then there is nothing we can do. BIS needs to fix this.