AK family side rails always visible
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This is more a suggestion than an actual bug. Would be really great to see the side rail be a selection that only shows when an optic is attached. Would also be more correct for older AK models like the milled ones and the Type 56 that never came with side rails.


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Would be really great to see the side rail be a selection that only shows when an optic is attached

This is how it's done now. All RIS parts are hidden when nothing is mounted.
If you are talking about dovetail mount itself - i don't think it can be mounted/dismounted without tools during the mission, so it looks ok that it mounted all the time, consider all AKs as AKxxN versions.

older AK models

I suppose that there is no big deal to drill few holes and attach dovetail (looks like there are few such models can be bought in US). But if you want just an old style AK from 60's, then it should be added as a separate class without any optics mount options.

So, please, specify what exactly you are expecting.

That feller is right, to be completely sincere with you my close relatives 👍🏻

If anything, *the* AK shouldn't have side mount.
AKM (best girl or Akaganekou btw) shouldn't have side mount with the exception of AKMN version.
AK-74 and up is kinda tricky but my guess is that's where scope mounts made it to the standard issue infantry weapons.

I guess hiding the mounts on AK/AKM when scopes aren't attached is a good compromise.

I meant the dovetail mounts on the "regular" variants, for Russian optics.

You can see what I mean on the NIArms AKS-74, it has a dovetail which only shows when optics are mounted. Picture examples here: https://imgur.com/a/5iZUME2.

Only AK-74Ms and AK-100 series come with dovetail mounts as standard. They're rather rare on other models, especially AKM and older. Type 56-2 never came with a dovetail mount.

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Resolved, as now there are AK variants with and without dovetail mount