ACRE racks misconfiguration on LSVs
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Jumping in the ION Qualins(?) generates an ACRE racks error

19:00:26 Error in expression <};
} else {

private _positionType = toLower (_x select 0);
if ((_x select 1)>
19:00:26   Error position: <toLower (_x select 0);
if ((_x select 1)>
19:00:26   Error tolower: Type Number, expected String
19:00:26 File idi\acre\addons\sys_core\fnc_processVehicleSystemAccessArray.sqf, line 96
19:00:26 Error in expression <};
} else {

From skimming over the trunk files with @jonpas it looks like a config mistake:

allowedPositions[] = {"turret", {1}}; should be allowedPositions[] = {{"turret", {1}}};

Looks to be both armed and unarmed versions.


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Cyruz created this task.Jan 16 2019, 7:16 PM
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keep in mind, this PMC vehicle is basically just a retextured arma 3 vehicle. using the acre configs for the vanilla vehicle (if avaliable by acre) should do the trick.

Cyruz added a subscriber: Drofseh.Jan 16 2019, 7:28 PM

ACRE covers the default vehicles at the very base classes (Car_F/Tank_F etc), on these vehicles I believe @Drofseh manually created them for these ones.

If this is a better configuration than what ACRE2 provides from very base class and fits it, then it should be put into ACRE2 directly. We simply don't have the time to go through and research every made-up vanilla vehicle. :)

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Yes, I manually created custom configs for all wheeled and tracked vehicles, even for reskinned vanilla vehicles to more closely match what appears to be present in the vehicle.

I will look into it and fix.

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