[DEV] [Non-ACE] Mk 12 Mod 0 SPR only allows adjustable zero to 600m
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Given that the Mk 12 is a precision rifle with a very heavy barrel (irl empty weight 11lb), allowing up to 800m would be reasonable. 1000m if you're generous or a bit optimistic


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Mk12 now has back up foldable iron sight without zeroing options. Current zeroing is inherited from M4's carryhandle zeroing options.

Guess, it should be fixed like - add 350 and 500 m zeroing with flip animation.

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Add animation for rear sight for 350 & 500 m zeroing.

Did you make sure it doesn't break zeroing for optics?

Dusin added a comment.Feb 3 2019, 1:58 PM

Did you make sure it doesn't break zeroing for optics?

Optics zeroing limitations depends on specific property (not the same as iron sights), so next time, please, specify what zeroing is meant :3

Updated config to 1000m limitation (same as other CUP 5.56 rifles).