Mismatch between the AIM-9L name and actual texture
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On all vehicles that have the AIM-9L the actual model of the missile indicates it to be an AIM-9X, but the name in the weapons UI and in function indicates it to be an AIM-9L (which doesn't make sense for the modern aircraft they're equipped onto to have), making them pretty useless in almost all jet dogfights. I suggest a fix of switching the default ammo on the affected aircraft with the vanilla version of the AIM-9X, as all the CUP aircraft can equip the X variant irl and I imagine it's relatively simple to implement.


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they're not useless, like vanilla short range missiles they are meant to be used on closer engagements, while AMRAAMS and similar missiles are for longer ranges

if you use them on long ranges the enemy will have all the time in the world to use flares and they will lose tracking

The missiles are notoriously hard to lock in an f-35, and in the Cobra and Apache they seem to work differently, especially with an AI gunner.

and the range of the missile is much shorter than the regular vanilla AIM-9X

The point is that none of the aircraft that have the AIM-9L ingame had ever used them as the AIM-9L is an obsolete variant from the late 70's.

except they did, the harrier and the a10 havent been around just for the past 15 years, and thats what was used in a2

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OK you're pointing out the two aircraft who did exist at around that time, still doesn't mean that this isn't a problem or that those missiles continued to be used up until today (which they didn't) or that all the aircraft in that have them are supposed to have them (Apache, F-35, etc.) I have no problem with the AIM-9L being ingame, I just think that if it is it should LOOK like an aim-9L instead of having the words "AIM-9X" printed on the side of the texture and that there should be the capability to equip the AIM-9X onto these aircraft as they are capable of using them today (even if you're going by the logic that they fit into the time-frame of Arma 2, by 2009 the AIM-9X had been in service for 6 years).

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I have an AIM-9L model flying around (pun intended), I just need to get the time to get it into the game.

Yeah once that gets introduced the aircraft currently equipped with the L variant need to have it replaced with the X, cause none of the current units equipped with them use the L variant anymore, they all use the X. Not to mention the L on stuff like the F-35 is horrendous for air combat due to the long lock times and severely limited range and lack of off boresight capabilities that the AIM-9X offers.

Actually it's not even possible for the F-35 to equip the AIM-9L IRL. The hardware and software (or lack thereof in the AIM-9L's case) is completely incompatible with the F-35's weapons computer and weapons bays, those were optimized for the AIM-9X with it's smaller form factor, off-boresight capabilities, and upgradable software to counter developments in ECCM. So the CUP F-35 really should have these AIM-9Ls be swapped out entirely for the vanilla AIM-9X, as it wouldn't even make sense for it to have them equipped even if a pristine AIM-9L model was developed.

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Fixed in rWEAPONSSVN1555

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