Vehicles visual problems (Stryker,Humvee,M2a2..)
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I noticed that Humvee woodland version has problem with textures looks flipped doesn't fit the lines of model+

M2 bradley versions problem with invisible lights as well as a Stryker family but not all+


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Please, feel free to add screenshots or video if you have any!

the issue on the humvees is known and will be addressed sometime later, bradley and stryker issues are new and i dont understand the problem given your description

ah i see whats going on, ok, i think that can be fixed easily, the humvee is a known problem, there's already a ticket around, not sure if its gonna get fixed or we're just gonna make new humvee models or what

Glad that i can help i thought that it was only me but later i found photos on Bis forums with exact problem i have

Stryker front lights should be fixed