AI Fixed Wing
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AI flying CUP fixed wing aircraft refuse to take tight turns to maneuver or get on target resulting in long arcing turns that either get the AI stuck in long loops trying to get on target indefinitely or just make whatever they're doing take much longer than should be needed. An easy way to test is by comparing the autopilot landing of a vanilla aircraft vs any CUP aircraft, an A-10D vs an A-10A for example. Give an A-10D the auto land order and it'll do it fairly quickly but give the A-10A auto land order and it'll take the before mentioned long arcing turns to line up with the airfield taking much longer than the A-10D.

Here is an example using Drongo's Air Operations ( ) which I can assure you is not the cause of the issue, it's just more easily noticeable when using it:


Reproducable without other mods?
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