Broken RBS-70
Needs Review, Needs TriagePublic


The AI in the RBS-70 static do not fire at any hostile targets and when manually controlled the RBS-70 missiles doesn't function at all. It should be a SALCOS guided missile, meaning it follows wherever you point with it (a good reference would be the AT-10 missiles in the BMP-3, they don't lock but track to where you're aiming). The missile itself also seems to do significantly less damage than other SAMs or MANPADs, even though it is a larger missile with more explosives than say a stinger (which one shots most helicopters), currently it takes several shots to destroy most helicopters.


Affected classnames
CUP_B_RBS70_ACR, CUP_Vmlauncher_RBS70_veh, CUP_1Rnd_RBS70_M, CUP_M_RBS70_AA