Insufficient sensors/Datalink upgrade for Command Stryker
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The current sensors on the command strykers do not function properly with datalink and fail to detect a variety of normally detectable vehicles less that a few hundred meters in front of it. This makes it's sensor screen useless as it can't detect anything to display. I recommend the addition of infrared and visual sensors to the vehicle, so that it can detect vehicles to broadcast onto the datalink network.


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CUP_B_M1130_CV_M2_Woodland_Slat, CUP_B_M1130_CV_M2_Woodland, CUP_B_M1130_CV_M2_Desert_Slat, CUP_B_M1130_CV_M2_Desert
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It's a command vehicle, not a scouting vehicle, there's no reason why it would have a radar.

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OK, that was a suggestion not the problem i was stating

Its sensors are still insuffcient and I suggested a radar because that's how other vanilla command vehicles do it such as the UP Rhino or T-140K

the sensor distance wasn't the issue, it was the fact that it simply didnt detect vehicles within its range or not (which was i think 4km)

looks like normal behavior to me. unless you have active radar or RWR it shouldnt reveal targets on the radar

But then why have sensors that can't detect any vehicles? Mind you some of these vehicles were aircraft and a T-140, so they were certainly giving off emissions detectable by other functioning vehicles with sensors.

It's sensors currently serve no purpose as they do nothing. Therefore, it is pointless to use the command variant of the stryker because it has no ability to detect anything to broadcast onto the datalink network (of which it didnt even have until you made a commit for it)

because the strykers dont have any passive detection system, my comment was generalized, you can't expect me to give you sensible answers when you give me only half the information of what you're doing when testing this stuff.

Well would you like me to make a new commit thats more specific or would you like me to edit this one and just reopen it?

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Command vehicles do not aquire recon data actively, they collect it from external sources like recon vehicles, radar stations, ect.
IMO, adding sensors to the command vehicles does not fit our scenario.