ATGM Strykers missing an AI for the commander's seat
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The listed vehicles don't come with an AI for the commander's seat in the editor.


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Affected classnames
CUP_B_M1135_ATGMV_Desert_Slat, CUP_B_M1135_ATGMV_Desert, CUP_B_M1135_ATGMV_Woodland, CUP_B_M1135_ATGMV_Woodland_Slat
Reproducable without other mods?
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The commander seat doesn't really do anything on those vehicles besides act as a FFV slot atm so it's not the biggest deal.

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Can confirm with latest version. You have to manually place a commander in them after placing. Also, the only way for the commander to see what's going on around the vehicle is to turn out (not sure if this is accurate or not).

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