Inconsistent smoke effect from vehicles' commander's gun (M240)
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The M240 commander's/loader's gun on the indicated vehicles has a blinding smoke effect when being fired at a sustained rate (all of them more so than that of the actual infantry M240, which makes no sense as they're the same weapon), this makes it much harder to maintain accurate fire with the gun as your sight picture is completely obscured by the exaggerated smoke effect.


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Affected classnames
CUP_BAF_Coyote_BASE_D, CUP_LR_Special_Base, CUP_BAF_Jackal2_BASE_D, CUP_HMMWV_SOV_Base, CUP_Challenger2_base
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all of them more so than that of the actual infantry M240, which makes no sense as they're the same weapon

Not excatly. Wiki says:

In the static machine gun role, the weapon is mounted on a tripod that offers a higher degree of accuracy and control than the bipod, for example the FN 360° tripod, which features an elevation adjustment mechanism that enables the weapon's bore axis to be maintained from 300 mm (11.8 in) to 600 mm (23.6 in), has a 30° to +15° elevation change and a 360° traverse range. When used in the anti aircraft role, the machine gun can increase the rate of fire from 600 up to 1,000 rpm by the regulating gas valve.

So, if we are talking about vehicle mounted gun - it's ok. Not sure if gas valve can be regulated without tools, if you can find some manuals, maybe we can add second fire mode with different RPM.

OK, that's not what the M240 commander's gun on any of those vehicle's is used for (they're strictly a secondary anti-infantry weapon), so that's irrelevant information and if you go into the arsenal or editor and actually test fire them, you'll see that the fire rate is the same between the infantry variant and the commander's gun on the vehicles I specified.

And adding a secondary fire rate would not make sense as it takes a somewhat lengthy process to adjust the gas valve on a M240, something that I assume would take more work to implement in ArmA 3 than simply changing a value for the smoke effect on the indicated vehicle's commander's guns.

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Looks like M240 smoke particle is overscaled in 3rd person and when in 1st person it's rendered even bigger (like giant ejected cases).

But smoke disappears quickly, so 'Low' for now (but maybe should be fixed with

It may disappear quickly once you stop firing, but it's there for however long you hold down the trigger meaning that if you want to be able to see your target you can't sustain any amount of automatic fire.

Which severely reduces the usefulness of the weapon.

And that ticket you linked appears to have only had the fix for the ejection of the cases committed, with no work being done on it since November of last year. So I doubt this issue has been fixed.

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