T-90 AT5 missiles spiral wildly
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AT5 missiles spin around the centre point of where you're aiming and then fly off in a steep direction.


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Cyruz created this task.Mar 3 2019, 12:16 AM
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fuck these fucking missile fucks

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What tank were you shooting at? Because I know there are certain tanks whose armor seems to affect these SALCOS missile's targeting (like the T-55 with the Metis).

That's not true.

Tookatee added a comment.EditedMar 3 2019, 4:51 PM

Idk if it's the case anymore or in the dev build, but I specifically remember in the past that when you targeted the turret of the T-55 with the metis, it would go wild and miss when it was about to hit.

Just thinking that maybe the same thing could be happening here with a specific tank, cause I don't have any issues using the AT-10 in the T-90.

Except for maybe the damage being a bit low for what it is, but that's already in a separate ticket.

there's no such thing in the game, if the missile pathing is broken it never works, you cant selectively break it when shooting at some vehicles and have it work with others.
as for damage, i just one-shot killed an abrams with a frontal arc hit so it is fine.

Idk what missiles you're using, but my testing now and use of it on several servers running the latest version of CUP show that using the entire magazine of missiles in the T-90 isn't enough to kill a normal Abrams from the front. And if you're talking about the Metis, that takes two shots to kill an Abrams from the front.

ah wait, this is a different ticket, thought it was the ka52 one

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This ticket was closed as resolved, however it has reappeared in the latest release. The missile will fly off in a steep direction, loop around, and crash into the ground in front of the T-90.