Infantry Metis missile flight issue
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When firing at a target on a level surface the missile will always ground itself within the first one hundred meters of being launched (at launch the missile makes an exaggerated swaying motion up and down, of which is somewhat lessened mid-flight). This makes it so that the user must point the reticle up in the air above the target to account for this drop and then rapidly drop the reticle back onto the target (as the missile is quite fast), this makes the launcher much more prone to missing. Additional testing has also revealed that the missile continues this exaggerated swaying motion throughout the duration of its flight; so even when launched off a cliff (to avoid missile grounding) the Metis is still quite inaccurate as the swaying bug mid-flight causes the missile to miss.


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From the UAZ it seems fine, but firing it from the launcher I see what you mean. Even on the perfectly flat VR terrain it can crash into the ground really easily when firing straight on.

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