Lighthouses lacking lightsources or lens flares
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There are five CUP lighthouses that I can place that have issues regarding either the lack of light output or lack of lens flares.

Classnames of those missing lens flares:

  • Land_NAV_Lighthouse
  • Land_NAV_Lighthouse2

Classnames of those missing lightsources entirely:

  • Land_Majak
  • Land_Majak2
  • Land_Majak_v_celku - this last one appears to still have a lens flare texture in front of the lens, but still no light output

Photo shows the left two lights that do emit, but have no lens flare, whilst the three on the right have no light emissions


Affected classnames
"Land_NAV_Lighthouse2", "Land_NAV_Lighthouse", "Land_Majak", "Land_Majak2", "Land_Majak_v_celku"
Reproducable without other mods?
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